The 2013 “D2 vs NAIA Senior Bowl” Preseason All-American Football Teams

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8/30/13, Southfields, New York


2011 D-2 team photo

The 2013 “D2 vs NAIA Senior Bowl”

Preseason All-American Football Teams

The 2013 D2 and NAIA Preseason All- American football teams are presented by the Collegiate Development Football League (CDFL), proud sponsors of both the 2013 preseason All and the Third annual,” D2 vs NAIA Senior Bowl”, to be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Saturday, December 21th , 2013, kickoff 1pm.

The following players have been selected through scouting contacts and player evaluations during the last 9 months leading up to the start of the 2013 football season. These honored seniors are the D2 and NAIA top prospects for the upcoming college season and beyond.  They represent the pool of players who will be evaluated to comprise the 2014 USA National team in international competitions. To learn more about these players, the D2 vs NAIA Senior Bowl and other CDFL events please visit  Note : The 2nd annual Euro -American Challenge, EAC International Scout Bowl will be played in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Friday, December 20th , 2013, kickoff 7pm

The 2013 USA National team, coached by former NFL quarterback Gus Ornstein, ( will feature former top players from the collegiate ranks against a team of European All-Stars.  Last year’s EAC game was played in Warsaw, Poland, won by the USA 34-7.  The FCS Senior Scout Bowl” the “D2 vs. NAIA Senior Bowl”, the D3 Senior Classic and the “ProGrass International Scout Bowl” are all supported by the Collegiate Development Football League.  The CDFL is dedicated to creating top quality showcase experiences for football players with the goal to provide players a “second chance” scouting look to advance their playing career.

(Note- Only graduating seniors in 2013 are eligible for this preseason team selection)


QB –     Zach Zulli, Shippensburg

RB-     Brandon Baker, Carson Newman

RB-     Franklyn Quiteh, Bloomsburg

RB-     Klay Fiechter, Indianapolis

WR -   Robert Jordan, Henderson State

WR –   Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley

WR-    Torrence Allen, West Texas A & M

TE –     Scott Simonson, Assumption

OC-      Richard Lilla, Winona State

OT-     Zach Vermillion, Ashland

OG-     Andrew Essman, Minnesota State

OG-     Brian Clarke, Bloomsburg

OT-     Cody Holland, Pittsburg State

K –       Curt Duncan, Carson Newman

AP-     Rondell White, West Chester

LS-      Randall Arbuckle, Midwestern State


LB –    Cody Bloom, Ashland

LB –   Leron Furr, Fort Valley State

LB –   Nate Dreiling, Pittsburg State

LB –    Jake Lilly, Concord

DT-     John Oyloe, Mary

DT-     Larry Webster, Bloomsburg

DE-     Zach Moore,             Concordia St. Paul

DE-     Ethan Westbrooks,             West Texas A&M

CB-     Jack Moro, St. Cloud State

CB-     Riyad Richardson, Concord

S-          Logan Dosch, Northern State

DB-     Nigel Rios, Elizabeth City State

P-        Stefan Terleckyj, Wayne State


QB -    Dustin Vaughan, West Texas A&M

RB-     Nick Ricciardulli, Humboldt State

RB –    Keidrick Jackson, Midwestern State

RB-      Rondell White, West Chester

WR –   Gerald Ford,             Valdosta State

WR -   Eli Shoemaker, St. Cloud

WR-    Julian Walker, Saint Joseph

TE-      Ryan Corbin,   SW Oklahoma

OT-     RJ Taylor, Henderson State

OG –    Nathaniel Hartung,   Winston Salem State

OC –    Chris Steck,   Bloomsburg

OG -    Matt Armstrong, Grand Valley State

OT –    Mike Nelson, Central Washington

K -       Sam Brockshus, Minnesota State

RET – Josh Sandoval, CSU Pueblo

LS-     Matt Barnes, McMurry


LB-      Chris Pope, Valdosta

LB –     Stan Langlow, Central Washington

LB –     Keaton Stigger, Henderson State

LB -     Braeden Merediith, North Greenville

DE-     TJ Batchelor, Chowan

DT-     Jamie Meder, Ashland

DE –    BJ Stevens, California

DT-     Eddie Rascon, Missouri S&T

CB -    Keon Robinson, Shepherd

CB-      Malcolm Butler, West Alabama

S –         Marco Ricchetti, West Liberty

CB-     Pierre Desir,  Lindenwood

P -       Angel Millan, Texas A & M Kingsville


D2 Honorable Mention

QB –    Travis Partridge, Missouri Western

QB-     Jonathon Jennings,  Saginaw Valley

RB-     Floyd Graves, Miles College

RB-      Mark Johnson Southern Arkansas

TE-      Alex Jensen, Winona State

WR-    Mike Williams, California

WR-     Freddie Martino, North Greenville

OC-       David Kulp, Humboldt State

OT-     Matt Feiler, Bloomsburg

OG-     Mike Hubbard, Merrimack

OL-     William Wright, West Georgia

LB-      Vince Coach, Adams State

LB-      Marquis Bradley, West Liberty

LB-       Brian Alexander, Tusculum

DL-      Mike Franklin, Shepherd)

DL-     Jake Metz, Shippensburg

DL -     Devin Gainer, Benedict College

DE-     Howard Jones, Shepherd

DE-     Troy Harris,  Mars Hill

DB-      Brian Gamble, Ashland

DB-      Joshua Scales, Fayetteville State

DB       James Jackson, Edinboro

K-        Segio Castillo, West Texas A&M

P-         Dan Fisher, Bloomsburg

RET-   LJ McCray, Catawba


 NAIA Offense
First Team

QB-   Josh Hollingsworth, Faulkner

RB-    Theo Bartman, Northwestern

RB-    Terrance Cobb, Cumberlands

WR-   Jerrell Young, Saint Mary

WR-   Jesse Vaughn, Evangel

WR-   Joel McCabe, Morningside

TE-    LaDon Hudson, MidAmerica Nazarene

OG-   Bo Amos, Central Methodist

OL-   Josh Steinberg, Morningside

OL-    Presley Godson, Grand View

OL-    Kevin Connaughton, Georgetown (KY)

OT-    Dillon Carmichael, Doane

RET- Kedrick Starr, Eastern Oregon

K-      Andrew Muzljakovich, Olivet Nazarine (IL)


NAIA Defense
First Team


LB-   Zach Dolph, Saint Xavier

LB-   Jeremy Wallace, St. Ambrose

LB-   Weston Hazelhurst, Cumberlands

LB-   Jeremy Wallace, Doane

DT-   Marvin Newkirk, Kentucky Christian

DT-   Nick Smith, Cumberlands ( KY)

DE-   Andrew Mahan, Faulkner

DE-   Wes Orr, Eastern Oregon

CB-   Tyler Davis,Missouri Valley

CB-   Mike Siegersma, Carroll College

S-    Adrian Hightower, Cumberlands

S-    Jocquel Skinner, Bethel (TN)

P-    Kelby Vandenberg,Nebaska Wesleyan


NAIA Offense
Second Team


QB-     Eric Williamson, St. Ambrose

RB-     Kadero Edley, Belhaven (MS)

RB-     Greg Gates, Mid-America Nazarene

RB-     DeAngelo Jordan, Cumberlands (KY)

WR-    Jon Hilliger,             Ottawa

WR-    Kyle Schuck, Morningside

WR-    Willie Gibson, Cumberlands

TE-      Austin Klett,             Morningside

OL –   Sonny Ahkui, Rocky Mountain

OL-     Tanner Paxton, Hastings

OL-     Wes Smith, Georgetown

OL-      Sean Grove, Kansas Wesleyan

OL-     Tim Ladd, St.Xavier (Ill)

RET-   Jahron Reynolds, Bethel (TN)

K-        Marcus Kerrigan, William Penn


NAIA Defense
Second Team


LB-     Aaron Roberg, Morningside

LB-     Josh Downing, Georgetown

LB-     Dudley Bickham, Grand View

LB-      Nick Reed, Campbelllsville (KY)

DL-     Andre Jolly, Baker (KS)

DL-      Matthew Olivier, Midland (TX)

DL-      Walter Mickey, Virginia – Wise

DL-      Ty Hardnett, Faulkner (AL)

CB-      Kory Stamps, Saint Francis (IN)

CB-      Travis McKinney, Friends

S-        Darnell Woods, Concordia (NE)

S-        Jacob Ghinazzi, Saint Xavier

P-        Kollin Carman, Saint Francis (IN)


NAIA Honorable Mention-


QB –   Kyle Kuban, Bacone (OK)

QB-    Taylor Parsons, William Penn (IA)

RB-    Chris McGinnis-Parker, Eastern Oregon

RB-    Nick Pesek, Saint Xavier

TE-    Paul Rotering, McPherson (KS)

WR-   Jordan Coleman, Sterling

WR-   Marcus Hicks, Kentucky Christian

OL-    Chavez Lollie , Trinity International (IL)

OL-    Jon Smith, Lindsey Wilson (KY)

OL-    Jeremy Baker, Union

OL-    Nathan Bradford, Edward Waters

OL-    Jacob Gager, Graceland

LB-     Jason Gladfelter , Grand View (IA)

LB -   Connor White, Central Methodist (MO)

DL-    Ty Hardnett , Faulkner

DL-    Dakota Amy, Carroll ((MT)

DB-    Taylor Brown, Saint Francis (IN)

DB-     Lorenzo Fouts, Southwestern (KS)

DB-   Gage Hayes, Ave Maria

K-       Anthony Wood, Graceland (KS)

P-       Tom Greenwood, Concordia (MI)

RET-   James Lloyd, Waldorf

RET-   GarretCampbell, Peru State


The CDFL is a football organization devoted to providing skill development and game playing opportunities for post high school and post college players between the ages of 18-25. The CDFL is nationally recognized for its development of 4 Senior Collegiate level All-Star football games: the “D3 Senior Classic”, the “FCS Senior Scout Bowl“, the” D2 vs.NAIA Senior Bowl” and the “ProGrass Scout Bowl”.  All are examples of the CDFL’s efforts to provide football scouting opportunities for players within this age range. Recently, the CDFL has expanded its efforts into Europe, providing post collegiate football opportunities for players to play, be scouted and attain professional contracts in the ever expanding European “American football” market.

Contacts – George St Lawrence and Peter St Lawrence, Co-Founders of the Collegiate Development Football League and the CDFL Collegiate bowl game series.


PO Box 38, Southfields, New York, 10975

Phone 845-657-1070

website – www.


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